Where to shoot deer with a crossbow | Valuable Tips

Deer hunting with a crossbow is a challenging job and requires great experience and ability. Every hunter needs guidance before targeting a deer. Crossbows are now becoming popular among the hunting community. In some regions, deer hunting becomes the source of food to survive. So you must have knowledge about where to shoot deer with a crossbow. Before starting deer hunting.

Where to shoot deer with a crossbow

A crossbow is more powerful and causes damage than a standard bow. It looks like a rifle and has a trigger mechanism, bolts, and scope similar to the rifle. Many hunters are looking for new ways to satisfy their hunting desire. The best crossbow for hunting deer is the main attraction for many hunters.

There are many positions where you can shoot a deer quickly and humanely. Some areas are more dangerous and riskier than others. Let’s discuss all of it in detail.

Things to understand before shooting a Deer

If you are a beginner, don’t think you can shoot a deer on the first attempt. First, learn the basic tricks and tips of the field, then perform it. There are so many things a hunter should keep in mind before hunting a deer with a crossbow.

Understand the Movement of the Deer

The deer is one of the fast-running wild animals. It is challenging to shoot it at the right target when it is moving. Every hunter must shoot the deer when he is in a standing position. You have to be very calm and quiet to get the correct angle. 


While using a crossbow, the required distance is about 35 yards. If there is more distance between crossbow and deer, you will miss the shoot. If the distance is more than 35 yards, many external factors will impact it. You will not get the desired target.

However, with the help of the best crossbow scope, you can sight from any distance you want.


Noise and other unnecessary sounds also alert the deer, and he can run fast away from the target. You should keep in mind that deer is a sharp animal and can hear any sound from a low distance. You have to be quiet and make no noise before shooting a deer.

Prepare for unexpected situations

If you are not an expert, you have to train yourself for unexpected circumstances. You have to develop good imagination to expect the unforeseen. This important tip a hunter should keep in mind before hunting a deer.

Wind direction

The most important thing you need to be careful of is the speed of the wind. If it is not in favor of hunters, it could alert the deer about your presence. Deer may change their movement during high wind. So you should keep in mind the direction of the wind before hunting a deer. 

Where to shoot on a Deer

The techniques are entirely different when you kill a deer with a crossbow. There are some crossbows specifically crafted for shooting deer. Here are some points and procedures to follow for perfect deer hunting with a crossbow. 


When you are taking a broadside shot, it’s usually safest to shoot just behind the shoulder. It can destroy the lungs and the heart of the deer. The lungs are the main target because they are secured by a rib cage. It generates major blood loss and minimum meat damage. Some hunters like to target the heart. The best crossbow broadheads hit on the targeted areas where we are aiming for the shoot.

Broadside Deer Hunting

Head-On shot

It is possible to hit a deer with a crossbow on the head. The headshot is the most deadly action when it is done correctly. It is quite a small target, and it is much harder to find it before shooting the deer.

If a headshot is successfully done, there is no meat loss. If you miss the target, you have to wait for days and weeks. Some deer will surely die through the headshot.

Deer Hunting Head-On shot

Front shot

A deer’s facing position offers the hunters an effective route to the heart. It is more dangerous and challenging than the broadside shot. Every hunter must know the trick to hit a bone and a small target by using an arrow. 

You can target only one lung if the arrow passes from the side of the chest cavity. It is necessary to take both lungs out instead of one lung. You have to attempt a face shot to reach the heart. The best hunting crossbow bolts are used for the effective front shot.

Deer Hunting front shot

Neck shot

When a neck shot is done correctly, it damages a part of the spinal cord of deer and kills within seconds. Sometimes this shot is not deadly, but deer lose the ability to lift their heads. There are no damages to vital organs, and without any injury, it will cause sudden death. You need to be very confident before attempting this shot with a crossbow. 

Neck shot Deer Hunting

Quartering away shot

Quartering away shots are preferred by some people.  The quartering away shot is usually recommended for bow hunters. There is a huge margin in this shot. If your target is off a little to the right or left, your arrow will definitely hit the deer’s chest. A well-positioned quartering shot has disastrous results, which generally proceed to a rapid recovery.

Before going for deer hunting you can practice with crossbow Targets to make your shoot accurate so that you don’t miss your target in the hunting game.

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