How to Choose Crossbow Arrows/Bolt.

Crossbow hunting is getting popular day by day, and the hunters prefer it over ordinary hunting because it will not ensure the required result. The importance of the crossbow is unmatchable, so many of the archers are concerned about its tools.

It is good to choose the best quality and high-profile crossbow parts so that it cannot create any hurdle in the hunting action. As the people are interested in the crossbow and this type of hunting, they also question; How to Choose Crossbow Arrows/Bolt?

Because these will help you enjoy the hunting experience, the choice of the arrows and bolts also depends upon the hunter’s experience. You should have proper buying knowledge if you are new in this field.

Otherwise, you will be unable to get the best results. But if you are a professional archer, you hit the most appropriate equipment to help you target the aim.

As it is a scorching topic, archers must know about it eagerly. So here, we will attempt to cover all the buying aspects for the crossbow arrows or bolts. It will help you go with the right and accurate pick according to your needs and requirements.

Have a look at the detail next;

Crossbow Arrow/Bolts

Crossbow hunting is a popular scheme of hunting these days. It can usually utilize both the bolts and arrow but the latest innovations and updates propel the archers to use hands.

So this time, the crossbow is mainly utilizing the arrows. These arrows are not easy to pick; they have various ranges and deal with several options. But once you get the right choice, it will help you to last for years,

These arrows ensure the best performance in terms of results. These arrows have extreme importance. But these arrows can be considered bolts when they get reduced in size.

If you have an arrow size less than 16 inches, it does not remain an arrow. It will be called crossbow bolts. This gives us a clear understanding that if it has the size of 16 inches or more, it will be an arrow, but if not, you can refer to it as the bolt.

Because with the decrease in size, its working action also gets lessened!

For the buying activities, it is highly effective for you to have a basic overview of the types of arrows. All the classes have a bit different function and working. As we are discussing the buying guide, it is crucial to share the details about the arrow types also.

(Types of Arrow/Bolts)

Both the arrow and the bolt are specified for the same task. It consists of the head shape design. They differ in terms of methods. Most importantly, the bolt is smaller in size. Thus small in size makes it different from a traditional type of arrows.

These arrows and bolts have a unique adjustment as they have vanes. These vanes have an annular portion that falls at the angle of 180-degrees.

For choosing the right crossbow, it is better to be a professional. Because they differ in their everyday activity so meet your needs, choose the one wisely. Some necessary forms of bolts are;

Slurbow Bolts 

These bolts have a pedigree of working. It consists of a barrel that is made up of wood or metal. The blots are designed so that it tends to provide the same function as a pistol. It is a revolutionary piece of equipment that seeks the people’s attention in a very different way.

Its advanced technology makes it more popular and influential in hunting.

It is designed in a way that it has the most balanced combination of size seed and speed combination. This combination will let the archers enjoy a unique work. So if you are looking for all-in-all options of a crossbow bolt, it is a complete pack of the services.

You can rely on it for your needs and requirements.

Military Crossbow Bolt

These crossbows have particular workings for the range and accuracy. The hunter feels reliable using it because there are no other options available; it will let you have actual hunting experiences.

It consists of the square head shape that makes the right and accurate aim at the target. Its head shape is more likely to be like a whale. This design and structure will make it more dynamic in its form and work.

It will make it more unusual than the regular crossbow bolts and arrows both in terms of style and working.

Apart from these types, the bolts/arrows have different types based on the material from which it has been prepared;

  • Based on material, the crossbow has the following style of bolts.

Carbon Bolts

Carbon bolts are highly penetrating. They provide muscular strength and ability to the crossbow. It tends to give a highly required result. There are various advantages of using carbon bolts.

Most importantly, it reduces friction as well as flexion. And tends to provide most flawless working. This is the primary reason that the shaft performs its function more perfectly. It remains strong and does not provide any weakening.

These bolts tend to ensure the best performance in all terms.


Aluminium bolts are also very much preferred. One primary reason for its popularity is that it is inexpensive. The economic factor helps the archer to use it more commonly.

Moreover, it can be bent very quickly and provides the best aim at the target. Beginners most commonly use them.

The beginners use it for the practices and make themselves skill-full in the hunting activity. It is a tiny target and is not so durable. Thus aluminium is not suitable for professional activities.

  • These are the accurate term types of the bolt. It is also classified based on its weight and size. This classification is also essential. Some essential types of bolts and arrows based on the weight are;

Lightweight Bolts

These arrows are typically available for the low pace activities. The archers and hunters prefer it for the slow and close targets. It can transfer with the help of crosswinds, as they are light in weight.

The weight I grain for the bolts is almost 350 grains and sometimes less than it. But one dark aspect is that with its usages, the wear and tear aspect of the crossbow raises. It can damage it in some uncertain ways.

Moreover, they also do not hold high-end professional working. So it is only preferred by the early archers or hunters.

Standard-weight Bolts

The weight of these bolts ranges from 350 to 400 grains. They are highly reliable in use. It is popular because it is highly versatile and can easily be used for all kinds of crossbow action.

Whether you are dealing with a crossbow, these medium-sized bolts suit them. Thus they are a sort of all-purpose bolts.

If you are looking for a perfect slot that fixes your hunting needs, it is the best option.

It is scarce that the natural factors affect its working as it is an environmentally friendly option so that you can deal with it highly concisely.

Heavy-weight Bolts

All the bolts that weigh more than 400 grains fall in this category. It has a use at the time when archers want to hit the high target with considerable space. It tends to leave a high impact aim on the position.

They can penetrate deep and contain high kinetic energy. Thus it leaves a noticeable impact on the target. You can use these bolts in all kinds of areas and weather conditions.

In simple meaning, if you want the bolts for high hunting adventure such as to aim the deer, elks and other considerable things.

Apart from all this, the most crucial factor to note about its working is that it is noiseless, and people tend to deal with it as they provide high comfort-ability in the target assessment. Your aim remains unfamiliar by your attack, as it does not produce any noise and fuss around before injection.

(Types of Arrowhead)

Once you are confirmed about the type of bolt or arrow, it is better to choose a right arrowhead option for your hunting needs and requirements. Arrowhead is the sharp edge of the hand that lies at the end of the hand.

It plays a significant role for the projectile masses. In a sense, if we say that the working of crossbow arrows certainly depends upon these arrowheads, it won’t be that wrong.

Bullet Points

These arrowhead points consist of steel material used for the small hunting experiences. It is highly worthy for target shooting activities.

Blunt Points

These sharp points are highly versatile. They are available in various manufacturing ranges. Moreover, the strong points consist of steel, rubber with a complex interface, and plastic. It effectively uses small hunting actions and is less likely to be adopted for professional hunting.

Field/Combination Points

These are the steel bullets with the most common usage for target shooting stunts.

Bowfishing Points

These are the spring-loaded arrowheads. They are more likely for professional hunting adventures. They are a bit long in terms of length. It tries to provide the most secure work that will cause you to adopt this option.

Not only this, it covers the target in an excellent and aligned way.

Judo Points

These are highly popular arrowheads that are most likely to be designed with spring arms. They consist of a universal term of actions. It is used explicitly for the “Stump Shooting” and some small game hunting experiences.

(Size and Length)

The weight has a significant role in the selection of the crossbow arrow/bolt, same as the size and length. The estimated available height for the arrow/bolt ranges from 16 to 24 inches in total.

GPI (Grains per inch) matters a lot from the length perspective. It helps to keep a balance between the length and weight aspects. It is better to choose an appropriate length according to the weight of the arrowhead.

If the balance is disturbed for many reasons, it would be challenging to manage the landing of the bolt because the alignment is wrong and tends to disturb the regular target hunting activities of the bolt.

Based on the general discussion, the short length of arrowheads is preferred because they are faster and project more quickly towards the target and tend to take less time.

According to the projection expert, the most popular and best length for the crossbow arrows/bolts is 20-inches. It is the ideal size for the arrow/bolt portions.

(Parts of Arrow)

Parts of crossbow arrow

Once you have chosen the right size, length and type of the crossbow arrow, it is better to look forward to the high-quality parts and belongings for the arrowheads.

The high-quality parts of the arrow/bolts will ensure a long time working, and you will be free from the hurdle of changing it after every certain period. Let’s discuss some of the points of

  • Point

The points have another name of the “target points”. They are specifically crucial for aiming at the target. They do not have any sharp edge, so it is highly sage as they do not cause any damage in the practical hunting activity.

But it is a very crucial part to pursue direct action. It is small in size, and the size of the average weight for these target points should fall between 150-200 grains. If they get damaged, you can buy new topics, but their size should equal the already attached points with the crossbows.

  • Broad Heads

The broadheads are the essential parts you need if you plan to leave for hunting experiences. It has a lining to the head portion of the shaft. They are available in versatile sizes and styles. They are highly in use because they perform the basic actions.

In case you are planning to grab the board head for the crossbow. Try to choose the expandable blade options because they will help maintain the average velocity factors and do not cause any speed reduction.

  • Shaft

The shaft is the central part of the crossbow arrow. If you prefer the body of the hand as a shaft, it won’t be that wrong.

There are a significant number of options for the shafts; it comes with different degrees of stiffness. The hunters choose the one according to the hunting activity or the type of crossbow. If you plan to select the shaft part for the crossbow arrow, its size should not exceed 20-grams.

Otherwise, it becomes so heavy and makes it difficult to release from the crossbow.

  • Nock

The nocks have great importance for the crossbow arrows. It can either be made up of plastic or aluminium. Its build depends upon its usage. Not only the building material varies, there are several shares available.

Moreover, the hunter or archer chooses it according to the activity of hunting. There are different recommendations available for the choice of nocks. Experts suggest that it is better to select half-moon nocks for the Barnett.

Same as this, other activities have different perspectives in terms of the shape of the nocks.

  • Fletching or Vanes

If you are using bolts for your hunting purpose, you will note small wing-like portions at the back of your bolts. These wings’ projections are called fletching and vanes. These vanes are primarily known for the spinning action of the bolts.

The rotation of the bolts around its axis depends upon this fletching. There appear a significant number of variations in these fletching; some of them are mentioned next;

  • Feather Vanes
  • Plastic Vanes
  • Shaped Vanes/Spin wings

These three fetching and vanes vary significantly in size and features. The modern bolts and arrows are lined with three of the fletching portions. They are usually made up of plastic. Bt, this is the current approach.

The bird’s wings can also be used for the fletching actions/Vanes in traditional fletching.

Arrow or Bolts? What Is the Difference?

There is no such difference in both of these. If you plan to grab new release projections of the crossbow, you can choose one of them.

A significant difference appears in their sizes. According to experts, if the thing falls under 16-inches, it will be considered the bolt. Otherwise, it will be arrows.

The other differences in the characteristics of the bolts and arrows have a detailed explanation in a true sense below; 


  1. They are lighter in size
  2. The major distinguishing parts of the indicators are; shaft, fletching, Nock and most importantly, broad heads.
  3. From the perspective of length, they range from27 to 32 inches.


  1. They are a bit controversial in sizes
  2. The essential parts of the bolts are precisely similar to that of the arrow
  3. The length portion ranges from 16 to 22 inches.
  4. The most preferred length for the bolts is 20 inches.

Traditionally the archers use the arrows in terms of targeting the aims. These arrows are used mainly in military and weapons needs also. But later on, with advancement and innovations, another word used for this purpose is the bolt.

Bolts have the same essential functions, but it is more effective than arrows.

Crossbow Arrow/Bolt; Things to Remember

You should remember and care for various things while choosing about the bolts/arrows. You should be very careful while adjusting it in the crossbow to make the working considerable. Some of them are;

  • The broad head and points don’t need to have the same weight because this balance in weight and size will help you achieve the target’s proper aim.
  • The crossbow bolts come in a complete package, but they omit broad head, so it is better to choose them separately according to your requirement.
  • In addition to this, try to consult manufacturers for choosing the appropriate size of the shaft and broad heads because they will ensure a good estimated size for both of them. Thus this suggestion will make your hunting more effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between Crossbow Bolts and Arrows?

The significant difference that occurs between them is size. If it is less than 16 inches, it would be a bolt. Otherwise, the arrow will be preferred for targeted hunting.

How to Choose Crossbow Bolt Length and Weight

There is a proper scale division length, and the experts provide weight to choose the crossbow. The beginner should go for the detailed length sauce explanation of the bolts/arrows.

How important is Weight in Selecting a Bolt?

The weight is highly crucial for the selection of the bolt. Because the weight of the bolt divides, it’s working. If it is heavy, the crossbow will face difficulty to shoot the protection. Thus to maintain the functionality of the crossbow, it is better to choose a precise weight of the bolt and arrow

What Materials Should Bolts be made From?

Bolts have different building materials, and you can find aluminium, plastic, branded rubber, and carbon bolts. All this versatility depends on the needs of actions. If you are a beginner, aluminium bolts are highly effective for them to practice.

The Final Verdict

The right choice of crossbow bolts/arrows will make your work even more nuanced and concise. You will notice smoothness in the target shooting activities. Overall, those concerned about; How to Choose Crossbow Arrows/Bolt? Will get the basic answers to their queries in the guide provided above.

You have to focus on balancing all the essential buying aspects. These aspects include size, length, weight, parts of the arrows, and major differential points.

We tried to cover the essential points about, How to Choose Crossbow Arrows/Bolt? These basic steps make the content even more generalized for the interest of the archers and hunters.

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