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When you’re a novice and want your targets to shoot accurately, you must have the Best Crossbow Target. You can use the different types of crossbow targets according to your needs, such as bag targets, 3D practice targets, foam block targets, etc. Before you dig into them, it’s essential to know the best target for crossbow that meets your requirements. 

Best Crossbow Targets 2021

You can use the best crossbow targets for both the broadheads and field points. These are durable so that they won’t tear apart in the first use. The best crossbow target has vibrant color contrast so that the target becomes visibly clear to the archer. Besides, it quickly retracts arrows without ruining the inner foam. 

5 Best Crossbow Targets:

We all get excited about buying the best thing for you that serves all your requirements. The same goes for the best Crossbow Target for broadheads, as there are uncountable options for the best crossbow target on the market. You must need something durable, reliable, and portable. 

Our Top Picks

High End

Block Classic Archery Target

Block Classic Archery Target

Budget Friendly

Field Logi Block

Field Logic Block

For your convenience, we are here with the list of the best crossbow broadhead targets. We have gathered the best-rated crossbow target after taking the reviews. In this way, you will get to your required product with ease without any time wastage. Let’s take a round-up of leading products on the market.

Comparison Table:

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag Stopping Power: 450 fps
Number of shooting sides: 4 sides
Weight: 0.8 ounces
Dimensions: 19.5 x 19.25 x 19.25 inches
Compatible Arrow Tips: Field point
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backpac Field Logic Block GenZ 16″ Youth Archery Arrow Target
Stopping Power: 400 fps
Number of shooting sides: 2 sides
Weight: 6 pounds
Dimensions: 16 x 17 x 7.5 inches
Compatible Arrow Tips: Field tips, broadheads, and expandables
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backpac Block Classic Archery Target
Stopping Power: 450 fps
Number of shooting sides: 2 sides
Weight: 8 pounds
Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 16 inches
Compatible Arrow Tips: Field tips, broadheads, and expandables
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backpac Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Bolt Discharge Bag
Stopping Power: 450 fps
Number of shooting sides: 2 sides
Weight: 2 pounds
Dimensions: 10 x 16 x 8 inches
Compatible Arrow Tips: Crossbow and compound bow
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backpac Rinehart Targets 18-1 Broadhead Target Stopping Power: 500 fps
Number of shooting sides: 18 sides
Weight: 2 pounds
Dimensions: 15.7 x 15.3 x 15 inches
Compatible Arrow Tips: Rinehart Targets 18-1 Broadhead Target
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Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag

Morrell Double Duty Bag is a light-weight and portable crossbow target. That comes with 450 fps of stopping power. Easily replicable with a last-long duty performance

Morrell Double Duty Bag

The first product in our buying guide is by Moreell. This double-duty field point bag can be a shooting target that withstands the abuse of not only crossbows but compound bows and air bows as well. Along with that, it offers super easy arrow removal.

Like other crossbow targets, it also can hold a stopping power for an arrow with up to 450 fps, which proves the quality and durability of this target bag. This target bag is suitable for any traditional bow, compound bow, crossbow, and even air bows.

The best thing about this target bag is that you can shoot 1500 and more arrows. Not only this, but its durability and sturdy construction won’t wear it out. All you need to do is change the outer cover, and it’ll be brand new again. 

The premium stuffing material and burlap in this target bag allows you to easily remove the arrows from it without harming the arrow tip or target bag. Moreover, it uses an offset technology to prolong target life. The bright yellow color is also visible and attractive enough for you to clearly see the target from along distance. 

It has a lightweight and portable size along with carrying handles that provide easy transportation and portability. Furthermore, it can be shoot on all 4 sides, having a different target design or game on each side.


  • Replaceable cover.
  • Easy arrow removal.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Long-lasting and durable.
  • 450 fps of stopping power.


  • May get damage from bad weather.
  • Arrow removal may feel challenging.

This best crossbow target offers you the capability of a shooting target that can withstand the abuse of crossbows, compound bows, and air bows too.

Field Logic Block GenZ 16″ Youth Archery Arrow Target

Two-sided Crossbow target with poly fusion technology. So that you can easily remove bolts. It is compatible with any kind of crossbow bolt.

Field Logic Block GenZ 16

Our buying guide’s second product is by Filed Logic, which makes the best youth archery targets on the market. This sleek, stylish, and lightweight target is specifically designed for young archers. It can shoot up to 400 fps.  

It has Polyfusion technology that allows the arrow to find its way into a poly fusion bag within layers. Also, the poly fuse technology has the ability to easily remove arrows from them for a better experience and less shooter fatigue. 

It is intended for bows having 40 pounds of draw weight. Its lightweight makes it easy to carry. Moreover, it will train your young archers into actual hunting. Also, it has a built-in handle that makes it easy to transport from place to place. 

It has high contrast white-on-black aiming points that offer excellent visibility that help the young shooters at short and long distances. This block target is compatible with all arrow tips such as stop field tips, broadheads, and expandables. 

The overall quality of this target block is long-lasting. It provides a longer target life. Besides, it doesn’t get hurt no matter what arrow tip the shooter is using. This target buck is made in the USA and is available in 2 sizes.


  • Durable quality.
  • Poly fusion technology.
  • 40 pounds of draw weight.
  • Lightweight and portable in size.
  • Can be used with any arrow tip.


  • Size may feel small for some shooters.
  • The bag may get damage from harsh weather.

This best crossbow target for broadheads is specially designed for young archers. This block target is intended for bows of up to 40 pounds of draw weight.

Block Classic Archery Target

High contrast color of Block Classic Archery Target make easy to practice. Having clear white dots for shooting. Bolt can be remove easily.

Block Classic Archery Target

The third product in our buying guide is from Block classic. This durable yet visible target block allows the young archer to focus on the target and shot more accurately. It will enable the arrows to make their way between high-density foam layers that stop them with friction, not force.

This target block has designs on the 2 sides for the archery target. The designs are made visible with high color contrast, making it easier for young archers to find their target from a long distance. It a high contrast between white and black colors. The background of the block is in black with white aiming points.  

The black features a patented open layered design that is used to stop the arrow with friction, not with force. The unglued layers of friction foam make the removal of the arrows even easier. It does not harm the arrow tip while removing it from the block. Also, the block remains sturdy. It can stop all types of broadheads and field tips.  

The overall quality of the block is sturdy and durable. The block comes with a built-in handle that makes it easy to carry and move; also, it is lightweight and portable in size. It is designed to take it along with you on your field trips and outdoor practices. This block is made in the USA with the best technology and sturdy materials.


  • High contrast coloring.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Makes arrow easy to retrieve.
  • Patented open layered design.
  • Takes field tips, broadheads, and expendables.


  • Hard plastic back.
  • Arrows may penetrate too deep.

It is the best 2-sided archery target on the market that offers various concepts that utilize open and closed layer foam for exceptional target life.

Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Bolt Discharge Bag

Yellow jacket comes with multiple target zone. Stopping capacity is high and provide safe bolt removal without making any kind of damages.

Morrell Yellow Jacket crossbow Discharge Bag

We have another Morrell target bag in our buying guide. It has a durable and sturdy quality. One thing needs to be clear that it is not a target block but a target bag. 

The very first thing that will attract you is its bright yellow color. The visible yellow color with a red design on it makes it even more visible from a long distance. It will encourage your archers to aim at the target more accurately and fast. Moreover, you can use the 2 sides of the bag for targeting, with a different design on each side. 

The inner material of this target bag allows the easy removal of the arrow without using much effort, and of course, without harming your arrows’ tip. It has a patented design that gives you the capability of safe discharge of the arrow. 

It has the capacity of stopping an arrow of 450 fps. The high-quality poly fusion material inside this bag allows the arrow to stop right in the middle of the target bag. The lightweight and portable size have made this bag target even more convenient to carry or move. It has two built-in handles to move it from one place to another easily. Besides, it can easily fit in a small area.


  • Visible color contrast.
  • Multiple target zones.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Patented design feature.
  • 450 fps of stopping power.


  • The inner material may feel hard.
  • Some may prefer a heavier target bag.

This Morrell bag archery target offers you the capability to safely discharge your crossbow arrow after a hunt in the field. The comfortable carrying handles provide you easy transport and portability.

Rinehart Targets 18-1 Broadhead Target

Rinehart Targets is one of the eye-catching Crossbow target with 18 different aiming faces. That has the ability to stop a bolt with 500 fps.

Field Logic Block GenZ 16

The last and eye-catching product in our buying guide is from Rinehart. Besides features, the attractive look and the shape of this broadhead target have amazed us. This best crossbow broadhead target is all you need for hunting practices. 

It has 18 different aiming faces that allow you to shot different targets so that you won’t get bored. This 18 in 1 cube-shaped target is strong and durable enough to stop a 500 fps arrow. 

This best crossbow target for over 400 fps is compatible with all types of broadheads, filed points, and even expandables with 500 fps of arrow stopping power. It can stop the arrow without penetrating into it deeply; it only penetrates about 6 inches.

The highly visible color contrast makes it visible from a long distance. That means your young archer can target or practice from a quiet long distance. 

The overall quality of this best crossbow broadhead target is beyond words. It has self-healing foam that protects its shape and integrity and prevents it from damage. Its lightweight and portable design has made it easier to carry and handle. Moreover, it has built-in carry handles for extra convenience and enhances portability.  


  • Self-healing foam.
  • 18 different target faces.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Highly visible target zones.
  • 500 fps stopping arrow speed.


  • Size may feel small to some archers. 
  • The inner material is a little bit harder.

This long-lasting cube-shaped broadhead target does its work in a pretty good manner. This best crossbow broadheads target for over 400 fps is easy to pull out without using a tool or harming your arrow tip.

Best Crossbow Target Buying Guide:

Before you jump into the market for the Best Crossbow Target, there are some major and important features that you should know. As a general rule of thumb, you should check out the features that make the crossbow target perfect for your practices.

Best Crossbow targets 2021 buying guide

In that regard, we have added a buying guide for your convenience. In this section, we have added some considerations that you should keep in mind when buying the best crossbow target for turning your hunting or practice into a fun thing.


The first thing that every buyer should keep in their mind is the material of the crossbow target. It should be made with high-quality material that will make your crossbow target durable. Also, the inner part of the target should be filled with a synthetic filling that makes the crossbow target hard and sturdy so that it will last longer. That is because the animal skin is even harder, so it’s better to train yourself on such crossbow targets. 


This step is important as the first one. What if your crossbow target colors are dull or ain’t visible from a long-distance? Obviously, you won’t be able to aim for your target. Do make sure the crossbow target you’re buying has a highly visible color contrast that should be bright enough to be visible from a long distance so that you’ll concentrate on your target.

Easy to Carry:

If you’re buying a crossbow target for your young archer, then it’s better to choose one that is lightweight and portable. So that it can be easily moved around along with you in your practice fields. It should also have a carrying handle that makes it much easier for you to carry it out. 


Your crossbow target should be flexible. If you’re spending your money on something that won’t last long, you better give it a second thought. Your crossbow target should be made out of strong quality and sturdy material with a hard synthetic filling to serve broadhead tips and crossbows with high power.

Also, the best target for crossbow will last longer as compared to the cheaper one. That means you’re saving some money. 


We tried to cover every detail of all the best crossbow targets discussed products so that you won’t find any hurdle while buying one. We will now introduce some of our recommendations to make it easier for you to choose your desired broadhead target. 

  • Our top pick product of this buying guide is Morrell Double Duty 450FPS Field Point Bag. This product is best among others as it has all the specs and features that a broadhead target should contain. Also, the reviews on this product are mostly positive. 
  • Similarly, if we talk about the high-end product of our buying guide, then Block Classic Archery Target is our recommendation. This crossbow target has all the features that a hunter wants for practice.

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