7 Best Crossbow Bolts |Review and Buying guide

The process of hunting mainly relies on the choice of the right bolts with your crossbow or Xbow. Even if you are skillful, but if your tools aren’t suitable for the hunt, your skills are of no use. So, we have decided to throw some light on the best crossbow bolts. Doing the perfect hunt of a deer or any other animal is only possible if you have the ideal bolts. 

We are here with a detailed discussion and reviews of the seven best crossbow bolts. You can find one for your crossbow here.

Best Crossbow bolts 2021

The best crossbow bolt should have a bone penetrating power so that your target won’t flee anywhere. Moreover, the optimal length, weight, and grain size also matter significantly in maintaining the balance. This article will definitely act as a problem solver if you are an archer and looking for some real best quality arrows.

List of 7 Best Crossbow Bolts:

We have collected information from hunters and archers; also, we have read many customers’ reviews. After gathering all the required information, we have developed a list of the seven best crossbow bolts. 

If you are new in this field, don’t choose these arrows or bolts solely depending on yourself. It will be best if you look for professional guidance. So, here we are with the one. You can also do the proper study related to these Xbow bolts. We have already done all that hard work to solve your confusion regarding the arrow selection. 

Our Top Picks

High End

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows


Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows

Budget Friendly

ANTSIR 20" Carbon Crossbow bolt

ANTSIR 20″ Carbon Crossbow bolt

This basic comparison table will develop a proper understanding of people. It will help you understand which main features should be present in the best crossbow bolt.

Comparison Table:

Image Best Crossbow Bolts Details   Price
Carbon Express PileDriver Material: Carbon
Length: 20 inches
Diameter: 8.8 mm
Pack Size: Pack of 6
Check Price
Barnett 16075 Material: Carbon
Length: 20 inches
Diameter: 7.5 mm
Pack Size: Pack of 5
Check Price
REEGOX Crossbow Bolts Material: aluminum
Length: 20 inches
Diameter: 7.62-8.8 mm
Pack Size: Pack of 12
Check Price
Barnett 16079 Material: Carbon
Length: 22 inches
Diameter: 8.8 mm
Pack Size: Pack of 5
Check Price
Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows Material: Carbon
Length: 31.5 inches
Diameter: 7.5 mm
Pack Size: Pack of 6
Check Price
M.A.K 20″ Crossbow Bolts Carbon Arrow Material: Carbon Fiber
Length: 20-inches
Diameter: 7.6-8.8 mm
Pack Size: Pack of 12
Check Price
ANTSIR 20″ Carbon Crossbow bolt Material: Carbon
Length: 20-inches
Diameter: 7.6-8.8mm
Pack Size: Pack of 12
Check Price

Carbon Express PileDriver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt (Best for Professionals):

Carbon Express PileDriver is Best for accurate shooting at the largest target. As they offer the best precision for straightness with which you will not miss any target.

Carbon Express Pile driver Fletched Carbon Crossbolt

This crossbow bolt is for professional hunters who can’t risk their shooting game to the cheap cross bolts. These are the best crossbow bolts for hunters who want bone-crushing penetrating power. This property is due to the heavy grain weight, which provides powerful knocking. 

The advanced construction of these cross bolts provides more accuracy. The unique design also ensures the spine consistency for the targeted shot. If we talk about the material and quality, then their cost is justifiable. The durable composite material is the clear evidence that they are best suitable even for repeated performances. 

Straightness in the shot is something every hunter wants. So, for the best hunting shots, you can depend upon these cross bolts with the straightness of +/- 0.004. Not only do they give you the experience of real straightness but also provide maximum repeat consistency. These cross bolts have 4 inch fletched vanes with a size of 20 inches each. The 20-inch size has specifically 442 grains with a diameter of about 0.348 inches. 

One pack contains six crossbow bolts with inserted moon nocks. Basically, they provide two types of nocks. Six of them are universal types of nocks, while the other six are C-type of nocks. So, depending upon your choice and the expected outcome, you can choose any of them. One thing which makes them one of the best crossbow bolts is their highspeed straight shooting. You can rest assure because your target won’t even find the time to dodge the arrow.


  • Accurate shooting.
  • Robust construction.
  • Best for the largest targets.
  • Best precision for straightness.
  • Includes both the universal nocks and the C nocks.


  • Not quite affordable.
  • Doesn’t come with field tips.

The bone-crushing penetration is something that every crossbow bolt should have. Moreover, the straightness in the shoot makes sure you never miss the target.

Barnett 16075 Carbon Crossbow bolt (Best for low Budgets):

This best budget Crossbow bolt is constructed with durable carbon. To maintain Trajectory, it is designed light-weighted with moon nocks.

Barnett 16075 Carbon Crossbow bolt

Barnett 16075 crossbow bolts are the ones that don’t break off in the way before even hitting the target. So, if you are looking for arrows with such property, then buy this one. These carbon Barnett arrows give the hunter the best of the experiences in hunting even the wildest targets. The carbon-based construction of these cross bolts also makes them super durable and robust. 

They come in a super affordable price range. So, in case even if you’ll lose one of them, you won’t cry for the damage and loss. The best thing is you can even shoot such targets, which are most likely to dodge the arrow. 

Although the shafts are super light in weight, they still provide an unbreakable trajectory. These arrows come with half-moon nocks. The installation procedure for such nocks is the easiest. Because of weighty grain points, they provide high penetration in the target. With 24F field points and moon nocks, you are ready to rock your hunting experience.

These are the best crossbow bolts with an optimal size of 20 inches. Each of the arrows weighs about 1 ounce. It is a significant relief because you don’t have to carry much weight while going hunting.

One set of these Barnett 16075 crossbow bolts contain five arrows in them. This set of bolts is compatible to mount with multiple crossbows. These include Whitetail hunter II, Ghost 350, Raptor FX3, Wildcat C5, and Penetrator. Besides these mentioned models, you can pair these arrows with any crossbow compatible with 20-inch arrows.


  • 24F field points.
  • Not much expensive.
  • Comes with moon nocks.
  • Bolts have a durable carbon construction.
  • Lightweight cross bolts maintain the best trajectory.


  • Not much sturdy.
  • Don’t have better repeat consistency.

The feature which makes these crossbow bolts a worth buy is that it comes with field points. Moreover, the grain weight is best for the uninterrupted flight.

REEGOX Crossbow Bolts (best for Beginner)

If you are looking for anti-rust shooting points bolts, REEGOX is the best choice, made from aluminum having 20″ length and 7.62mm Diameter.

REEGOX Crossbow Bolts

If you are new to hunting, you should buy these REEGOX crossbow bolts. These are the best arrows for beginners who want to polish their hunting skills. They are highly cost-effective so that anyone can have the experience of hunting and archery. These best crossbow bolts are for the young hunters. 

These cross bolts are of carbon material, which itself is a name of durability and strength. The arrows’ size is about 20 inches, which is an optimal length for the best shooting. The robust construction with the perfect size provides the accurate shooting of the target.

The shooting tips of the bolts are of stainless steel with a coating of nickel. It is an anti-corrosive material so that you can use it in any weather. These arrows are compatible to mount with crossbows or Xbows with 20 inches bolt size. They come with 125 grains of the target points. 

The crossbow bolts have 4 inches tpu vanes with moon nock insertions. Such bolts are super easy to mount with the crossbows. Removal or repairing is also super easy for these bolts. 

The best thing about buying anything is how the sellers deal with the customers and clients. However, in this case, you can assure yourself that you’ll be experiencing the best after-sale services. After buying these arrows, if you ever face an issue, you can contact the sellers. They will hear your problems and try to resolve them.


  • Easy on pocket.
  • Comes with a moon nock.
  • Best for the young hunters and beginners.
  • The shooting pointers are of anti-rust material.
  • The sellers guarantee the after-sale services to the buyers.


  • The vanes you receive may be bent or not in proper shape.
  • Not best to use for the professional hunters.

This crossbow arrow is best for young hunters who are enthusiastic about learning the proper skills. Also, the cost-effectiveness of this product makes it worth buying.

Barnett 16079 Carbon Crossbow Arrows (Best Reasonable Price)

Barnett 16079 can easily be fitted with any Crossbow, made from durable Carbon having 5 years of manufacturer warranty. These are 22-inch crossbow bolts.

Barnett 16079 Carbon Crossbow Arrow

These arrows are another one from Barnett’s brand. Barnett archery store is renowned for designing archery related items, including crossbow arrows. Here we are discussing the Barnett 16079; the best crossbow arrows that come with field points.

The primary creation material used for these arrows is carbon, which makes them high-quality arrows. Apart from their high quality, they have a super lightweight design with upgraded wall thickness. This feature adds extra durability and resilience to the cross bolts.

It comes in a pack of 5 arrows, and their mounting on the crossbows is not a difficult task at all. Anyone can replace them without the need for any supervision. So anytime, if one of these damages or lost, you can easily replace them with the other one. The cost is not that much, so it won’t make you regret your loss. 

No doubt, these are the best crossbow bolts because you receive them with the field points. So practicing for hunting and shooting is not an expensive thing with such reasonable yet quality arrows. Their versatile design makes you pick them up from many other expensive ones.

These arrows are 22 inches in size. So they are compatible with the Quad AVI, Buck commander, Resolution AVI, Quad 400, and Predator crossbows. The manufacturers provide a 5-years warranty to their users. So, you can claim the change anytime within that time.


  • Reasonable price.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Made of durable carbon material.
  • Compatible with several crossbows.
  • Includes field points for the field practice.


  • Not best suitable to use for hunting purposes
  • Don’t have any clear information about the grain size.

These arrows have compatibility with several crossbow models. So you can pair them up with anyone from the models mentioned above. Also, they come with field points, which even most high-end models don’t provide.

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows (Best bolt for experts)

If you are searching for animals hunting crossbow bolts, Carbon Express Maxima is here, with laser check precision for straight hitting a target.

Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrow

If you want to feel the perks of having a high-end crossbow bolt, then Carbon Express should be your go-to brand. These arrows deserve to be called as best crossbow bolts.

There is an inbuilt launchpad precision nock on all Carbon express maxima RED arrows. What it does is providing full control over the release of the crossbow bolt from the shaft. Additionally, it also offers complete accuracy to shot your targets.

Dynamic spine control is a fantastic feature that ensures accurate target shooting. It gives you complete control over the arrow flex till it hits the target. This patented technology maintains the better flight of broadhead cross bolts. It utilizes high-quality carbon material to deliver the arrows to the red zone.

Another exciting feature that can help you hunt down the deer or any other target is laser checked precision. With the laser check, you can maintain the accuracy of your shooting arrow towards the target site. This laser-precision can work at about 1/10,000 inches. It provides the maximum straightness of +/- 0.0025 inches. Because of this reason, we call them the best crossbow bolts for deer.

With 31.5 inches in length, these arrows can bear the weight of about a ±1.0 gr. In one package, you’ll receive six red and black blazer vanes. So you can now go hunting carefreely as you have enough crossbow bolts. And don’t worry about target shooting as these are Well known best crossbow bolts for target shooting.


  • Best for animal hunting.
  • Provides exact target hitting.
  • Six cross bolts enough for field practice.
  • Launchpad precision for controlled arrow release.
  • Laser check precision for a straight flight of the arrows.


  • high Cost
  • No multiple colors

The best thing about these arrows is dynamic spine control. It helps in delivering the crossbow bolt right at its target place. Another fantastic feature it offers is laser precision straightness.

M.A.K 20″ Crossbow Bolts Carbon Arrow (Best for Everyone)

M.A.K 20″ Crossbow bolts are considered best for both beginners and professional hunters. Which is easy to mount. This 7.62mm bolt is made from anti-corrosive materials.

MAK 20" Crossbow Bolts Carbon Arrow

M.A.K crossbow bolts are famous because of their longevity and durability. At such an affordable price, these arrows allow you to experience the professional hunting game. Not only the quality but here the quantity is also discussable. Unlike other brands which only provide five or six arrows, they provide twelve cross bolts. 

These best crossbow bolts have a stainless steel construction with nickel plating. The nickel outer layering makes the arrowheads resistant to rust and corrosion. The quality construction of these best crossbow arrows increases their life.  

While all other brands are busy producing products for professionals, they make handy arrows. Even if you are a beginner, amateur, or a practicing hunter, these are best for you. The arrow nock is of a half-moon shape that you can easily fit into the crossbow. The easy mounting and replacement of these bolts make their handling easy and quick.

The lightweight design helps you to carry minimal weight while going hunting. Also, the shaft design maintains the accurate flight of the bolt towards its target site. These 20 inches crossbow bolts are suitable to partner up with Center point and Barnett’s crossbows. 

The TPU 4 inches vanes maintain the perfect flight of the arrow in the harshest weather. These manufacturers provide the best of the after-sale services to their buyers. Besides, they offer a full guarantee of their product quality, but still, in case of any issue, they are ready to listen to you. 


  • Easy mounting.
  • Made of anti-corrosive material.
  • Best for the beginners and archers
  • Suitable to use with Center point and Barnett crossbows.


  • Not best to use for solid targets.
  • The plastic vanes may deform during transportation.

The thing which makes them best is their quantity at such a reasonable price. They provide 12 pieces of arrows at an affordable price along with the anti-corrosive construction.

ANTSIR 20″ Carbon Crossbow Bolt

This bolt is designed from thick-walled shafts to maintain straight and balanced flight. There are 12 bolts in the package, which you will get. Their mounting is super easy and fast.

ANTSIR 20" Carbon Crossbow bolt

Polishing your hunting skills at an affordable price is no more a dream for you. Here is the game changer ANTSIR carbon crossbow bolts. They are providing one dozen crossbow bolts. And if you look at the prices in comparison, they are relatively cost-effective.

These 20 inches bolt shafts have compatibility with the crossbows and the Xbows both. The joining of the bolt with the Xbow is not difficult at all. With just one click, you can join them up even if you are not a professional. Along with the 20 inches arrow size, they have a feather size of 4 inches. 

The standard black half-moon nock allows you to disassemble or assemble the crossbow and the bolts quickly. So whenever you want to change the arrow, you can easily replace them. The nock has one white-colored and two blue colored feathers too. So they are easily distinguishable. 

Carbon is the main element that is used in the making of these bolts. It increases the strength and durability of these crossbows. Even though they are extra light in weight for user’s convenience but still have thick wall shafts. It helps in maintaining the balance of the bolt during its flight.

Either you want to practice your shooting skills, or you are a professional hunter, these are the best crossbow bolts.


  • Easy on pocket.
  • Made of durable carbon.
  • Includes a dozen crossbow bolts.
  • Mounting is super easy and quick.
  • Thick-walled shafts for balanced flight.


  • Sometime fail to work for professionals.
  • The fletching can be bent after some time of use.

They are super durable and have an economical price range. Also, the number of arrows you get at such a price makes it the best crossbow bolts for hunting.

Best Crossbow Bolts Buying Guide:

Best Crossbow bolts 2021 Buying Guide

When you are pumped with adrenaline and aiming at your hunt from a crossbow, you may want to be precise and accurate. Such precision and accuracy highly depend on the quality of the crossbow bolts you use. Weight, speed, size, and aerodynamics are crucial predictors of the quality of crossbow bolts. You should not compromise on the type and quality of the crossbow bolts you will use while hunting.

 This text will guide you about different aspects and factors of crossbow bolts. It can help you choose the best crossbow bolts for the upcoming hunting season.


The first factor you should consider is that you check your crossbow’s compatibility. Every manufacturer provides a detailed guide with a crossbow. It has all the details about the size, weight, length, and diameter of compatible bolts.

Weight of the bolt:

In the first place, you should check your crossbow’s manufacturer guidelines about the support of bolts. A bolt’s weight is measured in grains and comprises the shaft, insert, nock, and point. A heavier bolt can give you a higher penetration, but the range can also be affected if the bolt is too heavy.

Moreover, different crossbows can support a bolt in a specific range of weight. Therefore, the best crossbow bolt for you will be the one supported by your crossbow.

Body Length:

All manufacturers mention the size range of bolts feasible for a crossbow. Therefore, you should check the size range that your crossbow can support. Generally, bolts range between 16 to 22 inches with an average size of 20 inches. If a bolt is too big, it will not fit in your crossbow, and if it is too small, it can get stuck in your crossbow.

Bolt Diameter:

The diameter plays a vital role in penetration. A Bolt with less diameter will face less air drag, higher range, durability, and penetration. However, it is also essential to check the compatibility of the diameter of a Bolt with your crossbow. If the diameter is too big than what is supported, the bolt can get stuck in the crossbow and hamper its integrity.

Kinetic Energy:

Many people use speed as a decisive factor for their bolts. However, they forget that the speed goes down due to the air resistance. Therefore, it is crucial to select a bolt that maintains the kinetic energy and provides a higher penetration.

A lighter bolt will give you a higher speed. But it is more prone to lose its energy and has less penetration power. A lighter Bolt might also get deflected from your intended target because of the air. On the other hand, a heavier Bolt might have a little less speed, but it has a very high penetration power.

Bolts can be arranged into three categories depending on their kinetic energy.

  • Lightweight (350 to 400 grains)
  • Standard weight (400 to 435 grains)
  • Heavyweight (435+ grains)

Heavyweight crossbow bolts are quite useful when you are hunting animals that have a thicker hide. They are also helpful in conditions where there is a strong wind.  Most importantly, when you decide to buy a crossbow Bolt of a certain weight, be careful about the compatibility.


Crossbow bolts can be made out of different materials. Mostly, aluminum and carbon fiber are used. Aluminum bolts can be quite cheaper as compared to carbon fiber ones. However, Both are exceptionally durable. Aluminum bolts might have a problem that they can deflect from their path mid-flight. But the carbon fiber bolts endure less drift from wind and go flat.


Usually, the spine comes in two varieties, static and dynamic. A static spine is less prone to bending. But, the dynamic spine can bend up to some extent when released from the crossbow. This bending can impact the accuracy of your shot. Therefore, you must consider the quality of the spine before buying crossbow bolts.


A nock fits the rear end of crossbow Bolt. It can either be made of plastic or aluminum. A nock is quite important to a crossbow Bolt as a launchpad to a space shuttle. It can either be flat or half-moon shaped. A half-moon nock has a groove where the string of a crossbow can fit. Therefore, such a nock is easier to use. 


Fletchings are essential to a crossbow bolt as fins are essential to a fish. The aerodynamics of a crossbow bolt highly depend on the fletchings. Mostly, a crossbow Bolt has three fletchings that guide it during its course through the air. These fletchings are made out of plastic. Longer fletchings are useful for a crossbow bolt with a longer shaft. 

Crossbow Heads:

The type of crossbow heads depends on your use. If you’re looking for sports and field games, you must prefer Field point crossbow heads. These heads are not sharp and are usually round. These heads are not useful for hunting as they will only injure an animal rather than killing it.

If your sole purpose is hunting, you should look for broadhead crossbow heads. These heads are sharp and are designed for a kill-shot. In most cases, there are three types of broadheads: Expandable blades, removable blades, and fixed blades. These hands can also vary in terms of their weights ranging from 125 grains to 150 grains.

If you want to choose the best crossbow Bolt, you should consider all these factors. Moreover, you should not forget the purpose of buying them because crossbow bolts are made according to the purpose they serve. It is not possible that every crossbow Bolt can be used for all purposes. 


The bottom line of this discussion is that there are numerous crossbow bolts available in the market. The important thing is that you have to find the best crossbow bolts. Never make a hurry in making this decision; otherwise, you’ll regret it. From our teams of experts, here are some of the recommended crossbow arrows.

  • Carbon Express PileDriver is our top-pick product here. If we talk about the price, then it is neither too expensive nor too cheap. With a moderate price tag, it delivers the best shooting experience.
  • Next up in the list is an average choice option. Barnett 16075 Outdoors Carbon Crossbow 20-Inch Arrows is for people who want to practice and don’t want arrows for real hunting purposes. Although they are quite suitable for hunting too, but for challenging targets, they are not recommended.
  • Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows are the high-end cross bolts. They are also the best crossbow bolts for deer. Their bone-crushing penetration allows you to hunt down your target in just one shot.
  • The budget is far the main concern before buying anything. Not everyone can afford these high-end arrows for their passion for hunting and archery. So we also have the best budget pick in our list of recommended products. ANTSIR 20″ Carbon Crossbow bolt is the one for people who can’t spend all their money on just crossbow bolts and look for the Best Crossbow Bolts for Hunting.

Apart from these recommended ones, you can also choose any other from the ones reviewed above in detail.

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